Bringing Business Experience to County Government

In 2005 and 2007, Kathi’s top campaign promise was to apply her business-world experience to the County budgeting process through a Strategic Plan. Any business as large as the County’s should do constant strategic planning to keep focus on the future. Less than a year into her term, Kathi convinced the Commissioners to enact the first-ever Strategic Plan for Chester County, providing long-term vision for the County’s budget as well as County functions and social services.

In her term as Commissioner, Kathi has NEVER voted to raise taxes. Instead, using her experience, she has promoted new ways of thinking and doing more with less. Kathi will continue to scrutinize every decision, every contract and investment to make sure Chester County taxpayers get a good deal.

Working for a Clean Environment and Healthy Quality of Life

Kathi has protected our environment by advocating for the creation and implementation of a greenhouse gas reduction plan and persuading the County to use recycled paper in County offices. Kathi continues to prioritize finding energy efficiencies and ways to reduce waste. We can save the earth and taxpayer dollars at the same time!

Kathi continues to support Chester County’s aggressive Open Space Preservation and Town Center Revitalization effort. As a resident of Uwchlan Township, Kathi has seen what can happen when developers are given free rein. During difficult economic times, only a commitment to fiscal responsibility will result in adequate County contributions to open space. Kathi will fight any attempts to reduce or restrict Open Space funding in the County’s budget.

Fighting for the Interests of Chester County Citizens

Long lines in dangerous conditions during the 2008 election necessitated the re-location of the Lower Oxford East polling place to Lincoln University. This move not only benefits permanent residents by giving them a polling place with better lighting, better parking and a safer place to wait in line far away from fast-moving traffic, it also helps enfranchise the many on-campus Lincoln University students who would have issues traveling to the off-campus polling place. Kathi supported the move from the beginning and opposed the waste of taxpayer dollars spent fighting a successful lawsuit to move the location.

To help the many unemployed Chester County residents, Kathi supported the creation of the Hire One initiative to match unemployed residents with employers who are committed to hiring. She will continue to lend her business experience to discussions about making Chester County an attractive destination for business.

To ensure the safety of County residents, Kathi supported the effort to create a Public Safety Training Facility to provide our police officers, firefighters and paramedics a centralized training location to practice the skills they need to protect the public. Chester County First Responders have waited long enough for the proper facility in which to train, and Kathi Cozzone fully supports the PSTF for First Responders who protect us! You can too.

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