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Cozzone Appointed to PA’s Advisory Committee for Voting System Technology

Cozzone Appointed to Pennsylvania’s Advisory Committee for Voting System Technology

West Chester – Chester County Commissioner Kathi Cozzone has been selected as a member of the Advisory Committee for Voting System Technology. The Committee will advise a task force created by the PA Legislature to review Pennsylvania’s aging voting machines.

Pennsylvania has a patchwork system for conducting elections, with each of 67 counties responsible for conducting and funding elections. As many as 10 different electronic voting machines are used throughout the Commonwealth. Although the Secretary of the Commonwealth must approve all new voting systems, there is no statewide mandate to standardize voting machines. Most counties are still using machines purchased with federal dollars way back in 2002 as part of the Help America Vote Act.

The Advisory Committee will review the various systems used throughout the Commonwealth and assess their projected lifespan and maintenance costs. The Committee will also look at systems used in other states, as well as those states’ funding mechanisms. The Committee will make recommendations to the Legislature regarding upgrade and modernization options for future voting systems.

“Conducting fair elections is one of the most important services that County Government provides,” said Cozzone. “It is paramount that our elections are conducted with integrity, in a user-friendly manner that produces the result that most accurately reflects the will of our citizens. Through this advisory committee, I will advocate for voting systems that use modern technology to ensure they are tamper-proof, as well as voter-verified paper trails to act as a failsafe when, inevitably, machines break down or fail. Chester County is one of the few counties in the state that uses machine-counted paper ballots, which can be re-counted by hand to ensure an accurate result. It is my view that other counties would be wise to follow our lead in this respect. I look forward to studying this issue further with the committee and sharing my insight on the matter.”



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